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The input.ini File🔗

The input.ini file is an additional file that is not part of the original NEMO framework. It lists all the input data files needed for a specific simulation, each with

  • their file names as expected by NEMO (hard coded or by namelist parameter)
  • one or multiple remote sources (file name may differ from the NEMO name)
  • a checksum (optional, e.g. SHA256)
  • a reference, like a publication or the data file's DOI/POI (optional)


input.ini is read by the mkReadme python script.

File Format🔗

The file is a simple ASCII text file (INI format) with:

  • each section representing one input file
  • each section contains at least one key (URL):
    1. The section name represents the file name as expected by NEMO (hard coded or set by namelist parameter)
    2. At least one source URL
    3. A checksum
    4. An indicator for the type of the checksum (sha or md5)
    5. (optional) additional URLs, if available (also comma separated)
  • lines that start with a '# or ;' are treated as comments.
  • lines might be indented


See the example/template file docs/input.ini:

Example input.inni

# NEMO-simsar input file registry
# Each NEMO input file has one entry: The SECTION name in square brackets is the 
# file name NEMO expects (hard coded or by namelist parameter).
# Each section has several key=value pairs:
#       []
#               URL = https://
#               Reference = Author, A. (YEAR)
#               DOI = <doi:reference-id, not the url>
#               CheckSum = <HASH:sha1|sha224|sha256|sha384|sha512|md5>
#               CheckSumType = [SHA|MD5| ] 
#               Comment = Some additional notes or comments on the data set

    URL =
    Reference = 
    DOI = 10.5281/zenodo.3767939
    CheckSum = 288b021a8595efeee8de7c4fb665d3037bd356a72ca13e591bb81acc5c3ceeb5
    CheckSumType = sha
    Comment =

    URL =
    Reference = 
    DOI = 10.5281/zenodo.3767939
    CheckSum = b3f60e3507bbea3466834a363f366b45ef8aec19495ae0975ea3dcbbbfc70aa2
    CheckSumType = sha
    Comment =