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Bundle up🔗

Everything is ready to bundle up? Here is a short checklist:

  • Your experiment folder is complete, clean and ready.
  • is ready in the experiment folder.
  • input.ini is present and lists all necessary files.
  • Local git client is installed (git --version)
  • You have access to a git remote server (maybe also to some group namespace)
  • ...

The next step depends on whether your local NEMO worktree/repository is already under git control or not, though it might be under subversion control :

(A) NEMO tree NOT under git control

or (Not ready yet!)
(B) NEMO tree already under git control

(A) NEMO Tree NOT under git control🔗

You are lucky! This is as easy as putting any existing directory under git control and pushing it to some remote repository.

Global shell variables

Examples below may use some shell variables. These variables are:

$WORK: Shell variable which holds the path to some scratch disk, where NEMO was checked out.

(1) Initialize git🔗

First, you have to put your configuration's folder (one level deeper than CONFIG/ or cfgs/). Let's assume we have a Configuration named "ORCA2_ICE" we are going to share in the example below:

cd $WORK/NEMO/release-4.0/cfgs/ORCA2_ICE/
git init

Now, you'll find a new (hidden) golder, called .git in the configuration's folder.

(2) Branching Off🔗

The deafult branch name will be master. If you want to use branches that explicitly matches the NEMO branches, you could create a new branch using the -b argument with the git checkout command:

git checkout -b release-4.0

(3) Ignore Patterns🔗

Surely, there are files you won't submit to a public repository, like backup files or snippets. You can use file name patterns in the .gitignore file to exclude them from beeing tracked. Just open an ASCII editor, e.g. vi and add your patterns (If you start an entry with **/ the pattern will work recursively). Patterns you'll need to exclude anyway, are:

  • BLD/
  • WORK/

The .gitignore file is stored in the root folder of the git repository, hence:

vi $WORK/NEMO/release-4.0/cfgs/ORCA2_ICE/.gitignore


In the example below, the BLD/, WORK/ and EXP00/ folders are going to be ignored while all files with suffixes *.bak, *.tar or *.swp are excluded, too.



After saving this file, the ignore patterns are immediately effective. Don't forget to add it to the commit stage:

git add .gitignore


Option-a: Single Experiment🔗

If your' going to submit only one experiment folder, just copy the file from your experiment into the configuration's folder before submitting. In the example below, the only experiment will be "REF":

# still in $WORK/NEMO/release-4.0/cfgs/ORCA2_ICE/
cp REF/

Option-b: Multiple Experiments🔗

In the case you want to publish multiple experiments with your SImulation Package:

  1. Make sure you have a README for each experiment
  2. Copy one of the README files into the configuration's folder as you would for only one experiment
  3. Modify the title in the README
  4. Add a list of your experiments** linked with each specific file
  5. Modify the text of the purpose accordingly

Example for Simulation Package with multiple experiments


[Purpose](#purpose)  |  [Contact](#contact)  |  [License](#license)  |  [Configuration](#configuration) | [Input Files](#input-files)  |  [Diagnostics](#diagnostics)  | [Installation](#installation)


## Purpose

Reference experiment with ORCA2 and Sea Ice

[Experiments](#experiments) |  [Purpose](#purpose)  |  [Contact](#contact)  |  [License](#license)  |  [Configuration](#configuration) | [Input Files](#input-files)  |  [Diagnostics](#diagnostics)  | [Installation](#installation)


## Experiments

* [REF](REF/
* [SENS1](SENS1/
* [SENS2](SENS2/

## Purpose
Series of simple experiments with ORCA2 and Sea Ice.

(5) Add Files🔗

Now is the time, to add some files and folders to track them with git (= files and folders which are going to be submitted to the remote repository). Please, consider adding those files separately using git add <file/folder> instead of using the bunch command git add . (adding a folder however will add it recursively).

For example , REF/ is the experiment we want to share:

git add
git add MY_SRC
git add REF
git add cpp_ORCA2_ICE.fcm

(6) Commit🔗

You can check which files will be tracked with git status:

git status

If you're happy with the result, commit them, e.g.:

git commit -m "Initial commit for experiment ORCA2_ICE-REF"

If you omit the -m option, the default editor will open and you'll have to type your commit message therein. After saving the temporary MESSAGE file and closing the editor git will proceed with finalizing the commit.

(7) Push to remote🔗

This step is part of the publishing process. Please follow the link or click on the buttons below:

Publish: General Remarks

Publish with GIT

(B) NEMO tree already under git control🔗

Not ready yet. Coming soon...