A new forum for the NEMO users community

The need for setting up a new forum for NEMO users to share experience and tips was raised during one of the splinter sessions of our general assembly in March 2021. In response to this need, the NEMO system team opened a new forum on discourse a week ago. Open 7 days ago the forum has already 57 registered users ! Thanks to the NEMO system team for its reactivity !

A session dedicated to NEMO development at vEGU2021

The IMMERSE consortium has organized a session dedicated to the numerical modelling of ocean circulation jointly supported by the NEMO consortium at vEGU2021. Several of the new developments to NEMO supported by IMMERSE have been presented during this vibrant session. We are now all looking foreward to meet again in person next year !

IMMERSE Virtual General Assembly on March 3-5, 2021

The project general assembly was held virtually on March 3-5. About 80 participants and key stakeholder have registered to our plenary sessions and splinter discussions. A great time for us to take stock of the project progress and refine our plans for the coming months.

IMMERSE General Assembly and review meeting on Dec 12-13, 2019

The project General Assembly was held in Paris on 12-13 Dec 2019. We decided to gather at the same location and time as the NEMO System Team for its annual merge party. The first two years of the IMMERSE project indeed mostly consist in developments to the NEMO ocean model and this is why we articulate our agenda and activities with the NEMO consortium. The meeting consisted in a combination of talks reviewing the project progress and more in depth scientific presentations.

Webinar Downstream Toolbox

On April 5th 2019, the IMMERSE Users Remote Workshop was held to introduce the IMMERSE interfaces to the CMEMS users community and coastal modellers, outside the project. The webinar was organized by CMCC Foundation and NOC. After a brief introduction to present the IMMERSE project and the Task 7.3 by Dorotea Iovino (CMCC), Yann Drillet from Mercator Ocean presented CMEMS and its main actions on Marine Services & System Evolutions, and the structure of DIAS « WekEO ».

IMMERSE Kick-Off meeting on Jan 24-25, 2019

IMMERSE project was officially launched on 24 and 25 January 2019 in Grenoble during the kick-off meeting with fourteen project partners. This kick-off meeting was an opportunity for the consortium to discuss the project methodology, the different activities to be implemented and the upcoming deadlines.